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Australorp Chickens

Thursday, March 21, 2013 @ 11:03 AM
posted by: admin

The Australorp is a chicken breed of Australian origin. It is a large, soft-feathered bird, with white toenails, black legs and beak, and a moderately large and upright single comb, with five distinct points. The Australorp is hardy, docile, and a good egg-layer, as well as a meat bird. The origin of the name "Australorp" seems to be shrouded in controversy. The earliest claim to the name was made by Wiliam Wallace Scott, before the First World War. Equally as persuasive a claim came in 1919 from Arthur Harwood who suggested that the "Australian Laying Orpingtons" be named "Australs". The letters "orp" were suggested as a suffix to denote the major breed in the fowl's development. Whoever coined it, it is certain that the name "Australorp" was being used in the early 1920s when the breed was launched internationally. In 1929, the Australorp was admitted to the Standard of Perfection. Australorps are just one of the many unique and beautiful animals that can be found at the Petting Farm at Mountain Valley View Farm.

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