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Happy Memorial Day to All!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 @ 05:05 PM
posted by: admin

Memorial Day is a time to reflect on all family members who have gone before us. It is also a time to realize that the freedoms we enjoy in this glorious country have come to us at great price.

Many heroic men and women have given their lives so that we can live in the liberty found in no other country on earth. I could not be more grateful to these selfless souls and their comrades whose bodies and/or minds will be forever scarred for their sacrifices made for our American way of life.

Our lives, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness could only be possible because of our military, the best.

I believe that Memorial Day, being the first unofficial weekend for the summer season, should be enjoyed. I also believe many people view this holiday as merely a three-day weekend. As citizens of the United States of America, we should all reflect on why we enjoy our freedoms.

Our family made our annual Memorial Day trip to the cemetery. My wife’s older sister died in 1999 from Multiple Sclerosis. We visited and prayed over her grave. As a family, we visited a second cemetery where my wife and I plan to be buried (hopefully, not in the near future). The day was sunny and cool and both cemeteries felt like places to be reflective.

We talked as a family about whether or not land, often in the middle of cities, should be used for cemeteries. Are we wasting land that could be made available for more productive uses? Should everyone be cremated? Our consensus came down to a few thoughts. Cemeteries are much like parks. They are places to relax, reflect, meditate, and enjoy. And cremation is also a choice anyone can make. Ashes can then be interred or scattered. Again, in this country how we are laid to rest is a choice, a freedom all of us can make as we wish.

Memorial Day is most certainly a day filled with sadness and pride. Memorial Day is a significant holiday in our yearly calendar and should always remain as such. It is a holiday we need to thoughtfully observe. It is a holiday that builds family memories. It is a time to nurture patriotism and gratitude.

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